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A-level results

Congratulations to everyone who's received their A-level results this week, we hope you received the grades that you'd hoped! The hard part is over, now is the time to take a break and swap your revision books for your BUNAC brochure and start planning your adventure, whether it's a gap year working in Australia or just a summer interning in the USA you're guaranteed to enhance your CV and make friends from all over the world!

Summer Camp USA

Our Summer Camp USA 2016 programme is now open for applications to work as a Camp Counsellor at camp! This is the perfect opportunity to gain valuable, CV-enhancing work experience plus you'll have the opportunity to travel around the America and make friends from all over the world. With our Camp Fairs taking place before any others, come along and have the best selection of jobs! Apply now and save £50 with our early bird discount.


Work America

Now is your chance to supersize your summer by working in America next summer... and it's only available to you as a university student! Whether you're working in a theme park in Maryland, a souvenir store in California or a country club in New England, discover the real America and be more than just a tourist. Our Work America 2016 programme opens on 1st September 2015, sign up to our newsletter and we'll give you a heads-up when it's open.


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