Volunteer USA

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Cost 595+ or 839+
Eligibility 18-50
Duration 12 days or, 8-12 weeks

Volunteer USA volunteers

BUNAC’s Volunteer USA programmes give you the opportunity to work in some of America’s most awe-inspiring locations including national parks, forests and wilderness areas. You have the choice of the Grand Canyon or Catalina Island.The project gives wild-at-heart volunteers who are up for a challenge and love the Great Outdoors the opportunity to discover some of the USA’s most spectacular national parks while making a real contribution to protecting some of the most amazing natural environments in the world.

Although America’s parks are in constant need of conservation work, in order to protect their rich environments, initiatives are often underfunded, making volunteer help highly valued. Volunteers work in groups in regional and national parks, forests and wilderness areas as well as local community projects in the western United States and get involved in trail maintenance, fencing, re-vegetation, invasive species removal and local community work.

Grand Canyon

Help protecting the natural environment in one of the world's most famous natural site and join the Grand Canyon project for 12 days.

North Carolina

Join our brand-new 8 - 12 week North Carolina project and get involved in exciting conservation work in the Southeast of the US.

Catalina Island

Help protect amazing natural beauty and biodiversity and enjoy recreational offerings at the same time on Catalina Island and join this 12 days project.


Assit with the conservation of Arizona’s landscape which is among some of the most amazing in the US and join this exciting 8 - 12 week project.


Volunteer for 8 - 12 weeks in California and help conserve a variety of landscapes and environments such as deserts, coastal lands and urban regions

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