How to Book

The booking process is designed to be as straightforward as possible. We aim to provide you with excellent service at every stage and encourage you to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

1. Fill out the online booking form and pay the program fee of $549
2. Wait for your BUNAC confirmation letter with next step instructions
3. Apply for Working Holiday Visa through Australian immigration according to the instructions sent by BUNAC
4. Gather the following documents and send them to BUNAC
     a. Visa approval letter
     b. Bank statement showing $5000 Australia dollars
     c. Flight itinerary
     d. Copy of the picture page of your passport
     e. Completed insurance declaration along with payment if applicable*
     f. Confirmation of the address where you would like your pre-departure package sent
5. Once BUNAC has received all of the above documents we will send your pre-departure package
6. Get ready for your 12 month adventure down under, you’re all set to depart!**
7. Once you arrive in Australia you grab a shuttle to the hostel we've booked you at for two nights
8. In the next few days attend an arrival orientation with our partner in either Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne
9. Enjoy 12 months in Australia working / travelling with full support of our partner office if you have any questions / concerns along the way.

*(It is a program requirement that you purchase insurance to cover you during your time in Australia on the 462 visa. American citizens are not eligible for any coverage under Medicare (Australia’s socialized medical system). We recommend you take advantage of the BUNAC insurance policy and cover yourself for your entire time abroad.)

**It is a requirement of the visa that you are a high school graduate, you may be required to provide documentation of this to a customs officer so we suggest bringing a copy of a diploma or transcript to be safe.

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